The Lord is with you when you are with him

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For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. You have acted foolishly in this. Indeed, from now on you will surely have wars (2Chronicles 16:9 NASB).

This passage of Scripture is part of the chronicles of King Asa of Judah. I am not sure why, but I have always been drawn to these few chapters, and to King Asa. Over the years, I find myself reading them again to garner more wisdom.

Today, I found myself there again.

Asa did right in the sight of the Lord his God.  This is taken from the 14th chapter of 2 Chronicles.  He was a zealot for removing the foreign altars and high places of idol worship. During the years of peace, he was not idle, he built up and fortified the cities of Judah. He also built his army to an impressive half million men.

There came a time when the Ethiopian army came against Judah.   Asa and Judah were prepared, but they did not rest on their own ingenuity and strength. Asa sought God!  He called on the Lord God declaring there is no one besides you to help us, and no one we trust but you.  

Despite the Ethiopian’s million plus army Judah and King Asa prevailed. The enemy was routed! They were running scared despite having a much larger army.

I love this history of a humble king seeking God’s help in battle. This is the God we serve in our everyday battles against the enemy.  He is able to defeat the enemy breathing down our necks!

Also, during the good, and peaceful times we need to build ourselves up by praying in the spirit, meditating on God’s powerful Word, and spending time with Holy Spirit. Lay out your innermost thoughts to our Father who truly cares for you, take time to worship him for who he is, think about his good character, and tell him,  he is where your hope lies.

Now, I also know King Asa was warned not once, but twice by two different prophets sent by God. The first warning came after the defeat of the Ethiopians.

Listen to me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin: The Lord is with you when you are with him. And if you seek him, he will let you find him, but if you forsake him he will forsake you (2 Chronicles 15:2 NASB).

Asa took courage from these words. He continued to remove the idols from the land. He also restored the altar of the Lord. The people of Judah entered into covenant to seek the Lord God of their fathers with all their heart and soul.

You would think King Asa’s tenure as king would have ended in success, but it does not.

Sadly, he did not heed the second word, a corrective word by God sent to him by the prophet Hanani.  In fact he had already made an unwise alliance with the king of Aram at the time of receiving this word.  Asa did not seek the Lord before making this agreement and it indeed led to his downfall. This is why God sent Hanani to speak with him, and yet King Asa did not repent.

King Asa contracted a deadly disease in his feet and even in his sickness he did not seek the Lord. He died in his forty-first year of his reign.

My heart has always hurt reading this passage. I do not know why he chose to not follow God’s counsel as he had for so many years before. Maybe, initially it was fear of Judah’s physical enemy, perhaps it was deception, but there is also an element of pride.

There is so much to be learned from this portion of Scripture. Let us heed the warnings!

My prayer has been and will continue to be, Lord help us finish strong.  Keep us on the straight and narrow way. Keep us humble before you listening and receptive to people who speak your wisdom and truth. Let us draw near to God through reading his Word, for this is where we find truth.

This Christian walk is not a sprint, but a marathon. We must pace ourselves lest we burn out and become weary in our doing well.

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don’t be so easily offended










I had just sat down to have my morning coffee with Nate and this rolled out of my mouth. I really didn’t like the documentary we were watching last evening. It was a Sci-fi, end times, hopefully way in the future take on aliens evangelizing the human population. Ugh! My sensible, black and white way of thinking does not like to entertain such possibilities.

My husband on the other hand not only enjoys researching things of this nature, but is presently writing a novel about this scenario. He and I are different in so many ways, and this is a good thing. He is well read, open, and edgy and I am sensible. and I admit a bit boring.
What I won’t tell you in detail is how I became offended during the course of our coffee/talk about demons and aliens and end times. My bad.

I will share with you…before the conversation, in my quiet time, Holy Spirit spoke this phrase to me, Let the same mind be in you. The mind of Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I hear those partial Scriptures and think, wow, that’s cool. I at times just momentarily think about it and hurry on with my day. There are times when I stop, ponder and study to gain better understanding of what Holy Spirit is saying to me.

Today was not one of those days, at least not right away. It took the conversation over coffee, the offense, repentance, and then the listening.

Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:1-5 NASB).

I heard Holy Spirit speak this to me:
Rest in Me.
Don’t be so easily offended.
It benefits no one.
It’s divisive.
It does not cultivate love or unity.
You are siding with the enemy.
Stand firmly against him.

I asked Holy Spirit, What is the spirit of offense?
His response to me was.
A spirit of pride.
It’s wanting everyone to like you.
It’s wanting everyone to agree with you.
When they don’t, offense raises its ugly head.

How do you know if offense is operating in your life?
It’s a feeling of being resentful at what is being said to you. I know immediately. I feel it. It’s that ball of displeasure in your stomach. You are certain your opinion is the correct one. How dare whoever it is you are talking to disagree with your profound wisdom. Ugh!

This smacks of pride.

I totally love having healthy discussions on most topics, but offense is not healthy. It is the opposite. It is my way or the highway. It doesn’t allow room for another opinion.

Holy Spirit was trying to warn me early on this morning. If I had only taken the time to listen to Him things would have turned out a bit different. Although, it was an incredible learning time. A time for me to humble myself before the Lord and Nate by asking their forgiveness.
I want to cultivate an atmosphere of love and unity in my relationships, especially with Holy Spirit and my husband. The above Scripture is our prescription for a healthy mind, heart and life.
His wisdom is indeed supreme.

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God created us to be unique


I awoke this morning with a strong urge to pray for the United States. I saw in my spirit… our land being divided, at first I thought by an earthquake, but it’s a much stronger force. I quickly understood it’s a direct onslaught of evil targeting our unity as a people.

In necessary things unity, in doubtful things liberty, in all things charity- Richard Baxter, Puritan mystic.

You know as I laid there early this morning, I thought about the last thirty-seven years of my life. I spent those many years living with the same man, side by side, intimately acquainted, doing life together, molding our four beautiful children into responsible people who love God first, people second, and I realized something quite profound.

Nate and I do not agree 100% about everything. Woah! I often say since Nate’s retirement, “We are attached at the hip.” We truly love being together and agree on most things, but there is that percentage of things we have agreed to disagree. I could recite those for you, I know them, but I don’t allow them to pervert or dictate my deep, faithful love for Nate.

I would likewise say as my brother in the faith said many years ago, in the necessary things Nate and I have sought unity. All parents know, you need to keep a unified front. Don’t let the children detect a breach of unity, it will be your downfall.

I say to you today…Don’t let your varying opinions dictate or pervert your love for your elders, the younger generation and your fellow countryman.
We are all diverse because God created us to be unique and interesting. We will not always agree to the tee on Religion, politics or matters of the heart.
Praise God!
But, let us always be slow to speak, seasoning what we say with love and respect for each other.

Because the enemy wants nothing more than to cause division in our hearts, and in our nation. He knows this will ultimately mean our downfall. Resist him with all that’s within you. Christ will give you the strategies to stand.

When Nate and I were raising our children, I took hold of a simple truth. Pick your battles.  On issues that are not illegal or immoral, we let the children have a voice and allowed them to succeed or fail. We taught them from early on they had the same access to God as we did, and it was their responsibility to pray. This tidbit of wealth and wisdom from Dr. James Dobson saved the Sewell household many a battle.

In doubtful things liberty! You have the freedom to choose the path of ideology. It’s your God-given right to liberty.

Social media of course has been proven to be both good and evil in the aspect of freedom of speech. We typically know that friend who has the liberal bent, or the strictly dogmatic religious conservative. It’s pretty much out there for all to see.

Let’s make sure we love above all else as we read through our Facebook feeds, and tweets. You may need to limit your time on SM.
In all things charity.


I Corinthians 13:4-8

Let’s above all else fight the divisive spirit in our nation with a spirit of love that comes through knowing Christ.

And, just a bit of advice regarding social media. If you need to avoid that certain person’s post, you can easily go into your settings and choose an option of seeing less of his or her posts. You can unfriend them without their knowledge, and by doing this it may just keep your love strong, and save a relationship.

Bless you dear ones, the struggle is definitely real.

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God’s faithfulness and love







And they say, how does God know? And is there knowledge with the Most High?

Behold, these are the wicked; and always at ease, they have increased in wealth (Psalm 73:11-12 NASB).


This morning I was led to read Asaph’s psalms. Asaph served as temple musician and was chief of the musicians during King David’s reign.

He had a heart filled with love and devotion to God.  His dichotomy of soul was in his observation of many who rejected God and yet seemingly were prospering.

He wrote twelve Psalms ascribing to God’s faithfulness and love, and his patience in meting out judgement for humanities pride and arrogance.

Asaph writes like someone I can relate to. I have experienced some of the same consternation when I see such independence of spirits. I question God allowing such blatant sin to continue on and on.

 And yet, God is patient not wanting any to perish (2 Peter 3:9).

Asaph speaks of God being grieved and pained over the repetitive sin of his people (Psalm 78:40-41).

As I cry out in intercession for God’s kingdom to come to this earth as it is in heaven, what is my heart truly asking for?

Is it his judgment to come on the wicked, or that God would truly be revealed to everyone? Think about the vilest people on the earth at present. My guess is ISIS would come to most of our minds. Why isn’t our good God wiping them out with a simple blast from his mouth?

God is completely loving, tirelessly patient, and yet is absolutely just.


Until I came into the sanctuary of God; Then I perceived their end (Psalm 73;17 NASB).


Asaph struggled as you and I do today, wanting God to do something to end the evil works of the enemy. It wasn’t until he was in God’s presence in the sanctuary that he began to see the bigger picture.

For one it is not our place to bring judgment on anyone despite how open their sin is.  Secondly, we are not to rejoice in anyone’s demise, praying always for all humanity to repent and turn to God. And, lastly we are to trust God who is our reward.  He is enough.


But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge,

That I may tell of all His works (Psalm 73:28 NASB).

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The Kingdom of our Lord


In Zechariah 3
The Word was given by the angel of the Lord, to Joshua the high priest, for Israel.
If you will walk in my ways and if you will perform my service, then you will also govern my house and also have charge of my courts, and I will grant you free access among these who are standing here.
The angel of the Lord then told Joshua he would remove the iniquity of that land in one day.

It continues into chapter 4, as the angel of the Lord is speaking to Joshua, but the Word of the Lord is to Zerrubbabel the governor of Judah.
He is enlisting Zerrubbabel to finish the temple. Make God a house to commune with his people.
He said, you Zerrubbabel have laid the foundation of the house and your hands will complete it. Then you will know the Lord of hosts has sent me to you.

Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. What are you O great mountain? Before Zerrubbabel you will become a plain. And he will bring forth the top stone with shouts of Grace, grace to it!

Also in this same chapter the angel of the Lord said, Who has despised the day of small things? But these seven will be glad when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerrubbabel…these are the eyes of the LORD which range to and fro throughout the earth.

Oh hallelujah!
How many in the Body of Christ would love to hear this word for our great country? If we as the corporate body will rise up in unity and pattern this for our nation, hope will again come!

If we walk in the ways of the Lord, as we take hold of Christ our Righteousness.
If we become mindful and intentional in bringing the kingdom of God to the people in our nation.
If we will govern or walk in Christ’s authority. We live in this world, but we certainly are not of it. There must be a distinction between God’s righteous people and those in the world.
If we will honor Jesus our Lord in his courts with praise and thanksgiving.

In doing these things we invite the presence of the Lord. He said, I will remove the iniquity in the land in a day! Can we have this kind of faith? Can we have this kind of vision for our country? Yes!

Are we rejoicing when someone in authority steps out and declares the standard of the Lord? I am not making a political statement here. I am declaring I stand for the Kingdom of our Lord and his kingdom will have no end. Its eternal. Its righteous. Its peace. Its unshakable!
Rise up O, ye people and pray!

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Walking Out of Captivity






Walking Out of Captivity: A Simple Guide to Becoming Whole in Christ by Jan Sewell





For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little. Luke 7:47

Our mind and our emotions are torn by the enemy when abuse happens. The fruit of this is emotional and physical disease. The enemy of our souls would like nothing better than to see us go through life emotionally broken, and hurting those we are in relationship with.

Many people suffer a lifetime of brokenness, because of never knowing the truth. Jesus is the answer for a broken world. This is not only a popular cliché, it is the truth.

The Holy Spirit is so tender and dear. He is our mentor who comes along side to comfort our broken hearts. He brings courage through the process of forgiveness and healing. He exhorts us as new creations in Christ. He speaks life and wholeness to a fractured soul. He begins to reveal His purposes and plans for our lives.

Our true identities can only be found in Jesus. He communicates to our spirits what we were created to be before the abuse happened. The enemy intended to destroy us. God has chosen to redeem us fully.

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants, —Deuteronomy 30:19

You have a choice to make.  Do you stay in bondage to your past and present failures, or do you want to pursue wholeness in Christ? You can be whole in your emotions. You can be healthy in your mind. Jesus has made the way—it is possible.

Thirty-seven years ago I chose to get better, to stop masking the emotional pain in dead end relationships, illicit drugs and alcohol. I remember the night of my declaration…I was eighteen, and this was the genesis of my journey.  I started on the pathway to healing and wholeness in Christ. I tremble inside thinking of what could have been my outcome apart from Christ.

I know the enemy tried to physically kill me which would have terminated the plans God had for me. This happened a few months before I began this journey, through an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

The decision of accepting life over death has also affected our children. God kept the enemy from succeeding in his plans to destroy me. The enemy of our soul plays for keeps. He doesn’t stop with you; he knows that children are a heritage from the Lord. He would like nothing better than to kill their destinies too. There are sexually transmitted diseases which cause infertility in men and women. Think of all the destinies thwarted because of willful sin. The devil always takes you further than you ever want to go in sin.

I am incredibly thankful to Jesus for his grace on my life. I don’t take this understanding of what my life could have been lightly. It makes me determined to sound the alarm to those playing around with sexual sin. Turn from it today, do not delay any longer. As the word of God states in the above passage—choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.

A word of the Lord: I have plans for you—I speak life into those areas that were killed at an early age. Resurrection life.

This has been a process of God healing my heart. Forgiveness was a key element to my healing as well, beginning with the offender, and then my parents who were supposed to protect me. But it was equally important to forgive myself for allowing this sexual abuse to shape my life for a season of time.

If you ask me today, “Are you emotionally whole?” I would respond with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” God has been my Champion, my Deliverer, and my Restorer.  My life continues on, and he gently reveals another aspect of healing.  As I pause and think about my heart today, I can say, “Through the grace of God, I am healed.”

The Holy Spirit searches the deep places of our hearts as we are surrendered wholly to Him. He sees what is still broken from abuse. We may not be aware of the areas, and yet attitudes may surface as we interact with our loved ones. Fear may be so familiar to us that we consider it normal. You may be spiraling out of control and desperate for help. Whatever the case and wherever you are in your process of coming out of captivity—there is hope!

Ask the Lord to help you walk through this study, fully expecting him to do a miracle of soul restoration in you.

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weighed on heaven’s scales

painting by Rembrandt sig


But when his heart was lifted up and his spirit became so proud that he behaved arrogantly, he was deposed from his royal throne, and his glory was taken away from him (Daniel 5:20 NASB).

I see the longsuffering of our Father in the above passage. He was patient with Nebuchadnezzar. He could have easily lifted his hand from him, and his kingdom would have been deposed.  God waited for a period of time.

God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a vision of a tree on the earth that grew mighty, and its height reached the sky. Then he saw an angelic watcher descend from heaven. This angelic being shouted out, “Chop down the tree and cut off its branches, strip off its foliage and scatter its fruit, but leave the stump with the roots in the ground. Let him be drenched with the dew of heaven, and let him share with the beasts in the grass of the earth. Let his mind be changed from that of a man, and let a beast’s mind be given to him. Let seven periods of time pass over him.”

Even though no one else could have known what Nebuchadnezzar’s vision was he demanded that someone tell him the vision and then tell him what it meant. God spoke by the Spirit to Daniel, giving him insight. Daniel then went before the king and spoke of the vision. Next he gave the interpretation.

The purpose of the vision was that Nebuchadnezzar should know the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and he decides who should rule, and sometimes he chooses the lowliest of men.

God will not share his glory with mankind. Pride and arrogance cannot coexist with God’s spirit. He is patient for a time, not wanting one of his creation to perish. God was gracious with Nebuchadnezzar. He was given a year to consider the vision.  He did not humble himself and judgment came.

Twelve months later he was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon. “The king reflected and said, is this not Babylon the great, which I myself have built as a royal residence by the might of my power and for the glory of my majesty?”

While the word was in the king’s mouth, a voice came from heaven, saying, King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is declared; sovereignty has been removed from you, and you will be driven away from mankind, and your dwelling will be with the beasts of the field. You will be given grass to eat like cattle, and seven periods of time will pass over you, until you recognize that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows on whomever he wishes (Daniel 5:29-32).

Immediately the word was fulfilled. But at the end of seven years the Scripture tells us he came to his senses, and blessed the Most High God. His majesty and splendor was returned to him as well as his sovereignty.

In the vision God gave to King Nebuchadnezzar the tree was not uprooted. It was cut down, but the stump remained along with the roots, so in due time it would grow again. In the time of King Nebuchadnezzar the tree would never grow to the height and breadth it was before it was cut down. God humbled a great and mighty king. He will not allow pride and arrogance to go un-checked forever.

In my quiet time I heard the Lord speak:

He is already judged, weighed on heaven’s scales and found wanting.

It is your place to pray he repents—but it is not your place to heap more judgment on him.

The proud and arrogant are already judged and found wanting. It is your place to pray for him.

I knew the Lord was speaking of our President. I strongly disagree with most, if not all of President Obama’s policies governing our beloved country. It is sometimes difficult for me to keep my mouth closed concerning him.

Those same words were spoken over Belshazzar the son of Nebuchadnezzar. He had witnessed his father’s demise and his recovery, and yet he too was filled with pride and arrogance. God brought judgment to Belshazzar. A floating hand wrote on the wall, “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN.” The meaning of these words:

MENE- God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.

TEKEL- You have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.

UPHARSIN was re-translated PERES- Your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians.

Belshazzar was slain that very night and his kingdom was taken by Darius the Mede.

God is patient, but he will not tolerate man shutting him out and receiving glory for himself. I am trying, with God’s help, to pray and not to heap more judgment onto our President. I know this is godly wisdom from Holy Spirit, and yet I have never in my life struggled to pray for someone as I have him.

Despite the actions of our President I have been urgently praying over our nation for the past six years. I truly hate what he has done to our nation, but as a Christian I do not have liberty to hate him. I find myself repenting a lot in that regard. I am so thankful our precious Father is so patient with all of us.

 We have all sinned and fallen short of his glory (Romans 3:23 NASB).

There is hope for President Obama to humble himself under God’s mighty hand. Let’s keep praying, and not fall prey to the divisive spirit at work in our nation. We must respond in the opposite spirit. God has called us to love, how else will they know we are Christ followers unless we love.

 Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore he waits on high to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice. How blessed are all those who long for him (Isaiah 30:14 NASB).

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The Prince of Peace is the only way


Rushing into the secret place with a hundred and one things to talk about. I awoke this morning earlier than normal, thinking, I needed to lay some heavy things down.

Before I formulate my thoughts into words, I hesitate…and listen.

Holy Spirit, what is on your heart this morning?

Iran, Israel and the United States of America came to my mind immediately.

It is a spirit of hatred at work in Islam. It is an insatiable thirst for annihilating all who represent the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all who call upon the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray against this evil spirit in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray it be bound and ineffective in its plans to do evil.

I pray in repentance for our nation, as we have turned from the One who has our best interest in His heart.

I ask Holy Spirit to forgive us for idolatry, self-sufficiency, abortion, and greed.

I ask you Father to protect the nations from evil that has infiltrated all of our borders.

I ask for a spirit of revival to come to our land, and to the world. The Prince of Peace is the only way… true lasting peace can find its way into the hearts of humanity.

Jesus will change the vilest, most wicked heart to a heart which loves the way he loves.


I hold the cords to all of this.

I will not let them be broken.

Strained yes, but they will hold.

Trust me in this battle.

I will shine bright through the saints.

I will bring victory to all who hold fast to me, and to my standards


When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.

But the more they were called, the more they went away from me.

They sacrificed to Baals and they burned incense to images.

It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, taking them by the arms; but they didn’t realize it was I who healed them.

I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love. To them

I was like one who lifts a little child to the cheek, and I bent down to feed them.

(Hosea 11:1-4 NIV).

Don’t lose heart. I hear the cries of my people for their beloved countries, too numerous to count. My remnant of righteous saints is vast. Rejoice!

I went away from this time with the Lord encouraged. He really has the whole world in his all-powerful hands. Let’s continue to press into God in prayer, intercessions, and in repentance for our respected nation. The earth is reeling, but Jesus.

He is lifting us up as if we were a little child, cheek to cheek—and he feeds us.



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Holy Spirit come, and stand guard over what has been entrusted to me.

jan in restaurant pencil bk&wh

God has put His finger on an issue that has been brewing inside of me for a few years.  I welcome this pursuit of my heart. I persist in prayer to Father God and yet, I grumble to my husband who quietly and patiently listens to my rants.  The world is spiraling downward, with good perceived as bad, and all that is unrighteous and unholy being coddled.  I appear to be in a conundrum of being called to pray for our world, and at the same time trusting God to actually do what He is prompting me to pray by His Spirit.

God sees this turmoil, and knows it is not healthy, so in His love—He says, “Lets deal with this today.”

His word to me is, “Do not fret.”

The definition of fret is to feel or express worry or discomfort. To cause corrosion, gnaw into something, a wearing away.

We are going on seven years of lawlessness in our government.  Most of the time, I am a peaceable person, quiet, and contented.  Lately however, this lawlessness makes me feel uncertain, helpless, and angry. Righteous indignation is a religious term for me fretting, murmuring and spouting angry, ugly things to people, about people, and situations that—outside of prayer—I haven’t the power to change.

I love to pray, and I believe God has entrusted me with this privilege. I stand in the gap between the evil things going on in the world and the Righteous Judge Jesus. To put it simply, I talk to God, I listen to His direction and I pray accordingly. I am an intercessor for all manner of issues, people, nations, etc.

I know in my heart, God hears His children, and He is moved by our prayers. I am not making light of true righteous anger. There is certainly just cause to hate evil and that emotion is helpful in prayer.  It is when it crosses over from the secret place of prayer into frustration and anger eroding my peace, that I then need a re-set of my attitudes. Holy Spirit delights in setting things right in my heart.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance, and the evil way and perverted mouth, I hate (Proverbs 8:13 NASB).

I love this Scripture! God will only persevere with man for a time—waiting for a change of heart. He detests the evil and injustice in our world!

I am a Christian, and that means I have taken Christ’s standards as my own. I am not blind in my faith. I hate abortion because it kills innocent babies who never have opportunity to fulfill their God-given purpose. I hate to see Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists being senselessly killed. It is detestable and God will judge this in due time. I believe to de-value a life made in God’s image is an abomination to Him.

But, it is no excuse for me to fret. What is my fretting accomplishing? Drawing from the above definition of fret, I am upsetting my husband’s peace of mind and heart by rehashing the latest headline in the news.

I am sure it is not bringing life to my bones or peace to my mind. It is saying, “I do not trust You Father to make things right in our world.” It is prideful for me to carry what only God can truly carry. To worry is to have anxiety and fear at work. This is not faith. This is not trust. God deserves better and so do the people around me.

This morning in my quiet time I was reading from Daily in His Presence, a devotional by Andrew Murray. Four words stood out:

Absolute dependence on God.

It led to repentance and forgiveness; and it prompted me to write this Cassia Offering.

I am to have complete and perfect reliance on God.

Simple trust.

If I am going to partner with God in prayer for my nation, then I need to truly trust that He is going to take care of the situation!

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him, do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. Refrain from anger and turn from wrath, do not fret—it leads only to evil (Psalm 37:7-8 NIV).

On November 12, 2014, Holy Spirit spoke this to me:

You must be able to withstand the onslaught of evil unleashed in the world. The seals are being broken, and the enemy has greater access. Stand firm against evil and sin. Do not call evil good or good evil. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Do not waver in your faith. Do not cower under this anti-Christ influence. I have given you a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. You have My Spirit inside of you to give you wisdom, discernment, and strength. You have much power and love.

How are we to remain faithful?

  • By following humility and love.
  • By taking the low road (which is actually higher).
  • By standing in truth
  • By not cowering to lies.

I am completely dependent on Holy Spirit to accomplish this kind of love and humility. In my own strength I cannot go a day without fretting. The very thing Holy Spirit put His finger on. Yet I have hope.


Because He is putting His finger on it. He is making it personal for me. He asks me, “Are you willing to relinquish your frustration, and your righteous anger that has evolved into sin?” He asks for a willing heart. It is His job alone to bring the change in my heart.

I still struggle with this issue. But, I have noticed when I fret and it crosses over into sin, I am beginning to recognize it. And I can—in that moment—give it over to Him again.

My prayer is this:

Holy Spirit come and stand guard over what has been entrusted to me.

For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, “In repentance and rest you will be saved, In quietness and trust is your strength,” but you were not willing (Isaiah 30:15 NASB).

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The Heart of Abraham

Abraham did not love Isaac any less that infamous day going up the mountain to the appointed site. In fact his love for the child burned in his heart. God broke through his meditations.

God knows what’s in our hearts.

He knew Abraham and He knows us. He has experienced life with us. He spoke forth Isaac’s birth! He knew how torn Abraham was that day, longing to obey Him, longing for the promised son to live!  Abraham loved his times of fellowship with Father God, why should that day be any different? He was certain of Abba’s character. He will provide the sacrifice.

Abraham’s thoughts were towards God.

 I will bow down, I will pour out my love to You.

 I will dance and leap on the mountain.

You are my God and I trust You!

 I walk before You in reverence.

 Lord,  I will obey!

And Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey, and I and the lad will go yonder; and we will worship and return to you.” (Genesis 22:5 NASB).

 As Abraham bowed before His God many years ago; today I lay the musings of my heart on Your spiritual altar. I trust You with the ones I hold close, the ones I love. I surrender my will before You in humility, saying You will provide the answer.

And he said, “Do not stretch out your hand against the lad, and do nothing to him; for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your only son, from Me.” (Genesis 22:12 NASB).

The provision from God is in the release of what we hold so tightly to. 

When we let go, it enables God to move in our circumstances to make the necessary changes.  Our hearts are transformed in His presence. The hearts and lives of the ones we are petitioning God for begin softening, becoming molded to God’s will for them.

Let go!

Who or what are you holding onto?

It’s not the things or our loved ones God desires, but our hearts surrendered to Him. In talking to God about our concerns and worries for our spouse, children, friends, co-workers, nations, etc. we acknowledge our humanity and rely completely on His divinity.

This kind of faith produces Christ’s righteousness in us.

Then he believed in the Lord; and He reckoned it to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6 NASB).

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